Get to know our team and what makes us tick.


Todd Slind

Todd has always liked to grow and build. From his youthful experience in Skagit Valley agriculture to his early career in Civil Engineering to his leading and growing IT consulting businesses, it’s been a mix of hard work, nurturing teams, and innovating with clients. Todd uses his more than 20 years of experience to provide strategy for clients and project teams. He also works to evolve and grow SpatialDev, and seize new opportunities to do great stuff.

Todd is passionate that what SpatialDev does is sustainable and provides lasting value. “We continue to beat the odds on technology project successes,” he said, “But it really hinges on how well we partner with our clients and transfer our knowledge and capabilities to those who will maintain things once we’ve gone. We really owe it to the great collaborators we’ve been lucky to work with: from Kathmandu to Ouagadougou.”

When he's not drawing boxes and lines on a whiteboard or blowing minds with his creative spreadsheet formulas, you can find Todd zipping around the Puget Sound on his sailboat or shredding the Cascades on his Lib-Tech.

Chief Data Scientist

Grant McKenzie, PhD

Grant is a self-proclaimed data nerd. Much of his work focuses on applying novel data mining and machine learning techniques to large spatio-temporal datasets. Be it petabytes of mobile phone records or streams of social media content, Grant thrives on extracting meaning from patterns and signatures in data. As a founding member of SpatialDev and with a PhD in Geoinformatics, Grant contributes to the team in a variety of ways, from project management and database design to knowledge representation and hands-on development.

In his spare time, Grant enjoys racing any human-powered water craft he can get his hands on (surfskis, outrigger canoes, kayaks) and playing the guitar. Recently he has been attempting to grow hops in a Mediterranean climate... with limited success.

Senior Software Developer

Clint Cabanero

Clint specializes in delivering mobile applications that target multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and Web). His interests lie at the intersection of custom mobile user interface design, spatial data visualization, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing. Clint’s favorite aspect of working with clients is the creative process involved in helping them discover their app concepts and transforming them into physical objects they can touch and experience on their devices.

Outside of SpatialDev, Clint often can be found camping (glamping) with his family at their favorite spots throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Senior Software Developer

Shawna Paradee

Shawna has nearly 15 years of experience as a full stack developer architecting spatial systems and software solutions for a wide variety of clients. Whether it’s data, databases, APIs, server or client side code, Shawna loves to utilize every aspect of a system to leverage the individual strengths of each component in creating innovative and customized business solutions. There is no data she cannot tame, no database she does not know, and no technology she cannot leverage for the benefit of our clients.

A computer and keyboard aren’t the only tools in Shawna’s toolbox; she’s also very familiar with Skillsaws and nail guns. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her home in Olympia, WA– whether that be building a chicken coop or garden shed, or remodeling a bathroom. When not playing Bob the Builder, she enjoys family time with her husband and two children.

Software Developer / Project Lead

Daniel Baah

The ever evolving D Baah has given up databases as his first love, and is now infatuated with Angular front ends, Node APIs, and open source libraries. He started with SpatialDev after earning his CS degree in 2015, and has quickly grown from a back end specialist to a full stack dev. D Baah can be counted on to jump into the deep end of the pool, problem solving and coding til his feet can touch the bottom.

Finally fulfilling his dream of seeing LeBron in person in 2015, D Baah is now fixing his sights on Kanye. He’s already standing in line for tickets to Kanye’s Life of Pablo world tour. When not coding or watching Drake videos in slo-mo, you’ll find D Baah on the courts of the Puget Sound Basketball League, where his TreeHawks team has an impressive championship record. And BTW, don’t ever mention the end of Superbowl XLIX. He’s scarred for life.

Director of Operations & Delivery

Kim Kearns

Kim brings more than 15 years’ experience working with geospatial technology to the team. She has worked on and with diverse technology and management teams implementing geospatial solutions for local, national, and international organizations. Her roots are in proprietary geospatial technology, but her latest endeavors have been working with the open source community. Over the years, Kim has supported different types of initiatives ranging from strategic support for international clients to managing contract and business management processes to project implementation of enterprise, mobile, and web-based solutions. Throughout her career, Kim has focused on working to create order in an often busy and chaotic environment.

As a new transplant to the Pacific Northwest, Kim can be found checking out the local coffee roasters, chucking the ball for her border collie, exploring the various playgrounds that Seattle has to offer with her family, or traveling to her native land of BC or beyond. Eh?

Senior GIS Analyst

Monica Brandeis

Map is her passion! Monica worked with Google, Bing, Amazon maps to drive the enhancement of map quality. She is a GIS analyst by training and is passionate about all things data. She can be placed in any part of a map project from manual correction, training, data modeling, ETL, to different types of analyses. As a researcher and analyst, she is proud to deliver products that make everyone happy.

When she is not working on maps, she enjoys being a mom to her one year old baby boy. You can find Monica talking to her beloved baby boy all the time!

GIS Analyst

Keahi Konishi

While serving in the Army as a Signals Intelligence Analyst, Keahi was introduced to GIS and geospatial analysis. After leaving the military, Keahi went on to to pursue a degree in geography, and since graduating has worked with counties, large companies, and the federal government to ensure GIS data integrity. He particularly enjoys working with geocoding and routing, and hopes to one day see the entire world properly addressed and geocoded.

While not in front of his computer at work, Keahi can usually be found in front of his computer at home. He loves all games including board games, and is an avid Magic: The gathering player.

GIS Analyst

Stephen Cerqueira

Having grown up traveling back and forth between the motherlands (Que bom, eh!), Stephen developed a love for geography. He quickly turned his passion into a lifestyle after graduating from Virginia Tech where he studied geospatial and environmental analysis.

After a brief stop in the Bay Area, the NOVA native is now taking his talents to Seattle to continue his pursuit of devising and executing innovative solutions to geospatial problems. As he dives deeper into spatial data management and analysis, Stephen continues to expand his use of open source tools and technologies over proprietary software.

Away from his SQL schemas and QGIS queries, Stephen looks to discover the sights and sounds of his new home. He is always ready to joga bonito. However, come playoff time Stephen can often be found glued in front of a television screen praying that one of his hometown Washington, D.C. sports teams breaks their dreaded postseason curse and wins the big game for once…

GIS Analyst

Tianyi Ren

Tianyi obtained his master's degrees in city planning and urban spatial analytics in December 2017. Tianyi is a big fan of GIS and data, and is really passionate about making cities smarter through geospatial and data analytics. His skillset includes experience in GIS tool development, web mapping, and machine learning. Aside from working as an analyst he is also interested in learning more about developing.

Singing and dancing are his biggest passion, and he used to be part of an a cappella and urban dance groups in college and grad school. He spends a lot of his free time doing music/dance related stuff, and is still exploring the Seattle dance scene. Tianyi is a recent transplant in Seattle from the East Coast and is excited to explore the city and what it has to offer.

Software Developer

Cole Bessee

Cole is a software developer specializing in full-stack web technologies and development. After graduating from UW with a GIS degree in 2015, he quickly found his interests leaning towards web development. At SpatialDev Cole combines his formal GIS training and experience in web application development to build effective solutions for our clients. Recently he has been leveraging Angular and SASS on the front end, but he knows that in the world of web that will change sooner rather than later.

Outside of work, you will likely find Cole hanging out with his goofball of a rescue pug, Neville, or cheering on his favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Of course, that is if he’s not in the backyard perfecting his newest BBQ recipe.

Software Developer

Bentley Breithaupt

Bentley loves toying with logic. He enjoys the challenge of breaking a process down into its integral parts and building it back up into something more useful. It took him a long while to figure it out, but he eventually realized he should turn that love into a career as a developer. Now, after 17 straight years of schooling, Bentley combines his background in Urban Studies and GIS with his self-taught programing skills, to design solutions for geospatial problems.

Bentley received his Associate of Arts degree, from Peninsula College, and his High School Diploma, from Port Townsend High School, at the same time in 2013 thanks to the Running Start Program. 3 years later he received a BA in Urban Studies, and a GIS Certificate from UW Tacoma. The next year, in 2017, he again graduated from UW Tacoma, but this time with his Masters in Geospatial Technologies.

When he is not busy in front of computer screens, Bentley likes to go for rides on his bicycle, build with Legos, and spend time with his family at collector car events.

GIS Analyst

Alex Sweeney

Originally hailing from the great PNW, Alex recently moved back to Seattle after more than a decade of bouncing around the country and a brief stint overseas. Along the way she obtained a bachelor’s in science (Go ASU Sun Devils!) and a master’s degree (Go Columbia Lions!) with most of her professional experience working with satellite data. Many of her projects have been application based geospatial research projects in the agriculture, public health, water, and climate sectors. She loves working with maps and staring at data.

After living in two concrete jungles (👋 NYC & London), she’s constantly seeking to get lost in nature byways of hiking, camping, climbing, trail running, skiing, or just walking the pup to the local park. And never forgets a hammock and a book.

Data Engineer

Paul Gelbach

Paul originally started out on an academic path; he was on his way to becoming a philosophy professor. This was not to be — instead he got involved in the world of data engineering and hasn’t looked back. After using Python and Scala to work on data pipelines in healthcare for several years, Paul joined the Critigen team. He’s new to GIS, but he’s really happy to have the chance to work on some fascinating and challenging projects.

Paul loves hiking more than almost anything else he could do with his free time. On many weekends he’s out exploring the coastlines and mountains with his wife. At home they hang out with their pet ball python, Kyle.

Strategic Adviser

Heidi Johnson

Heidi’s career began two decades ago as a newspaper journalist covering the crime beat, having been promoted from writing the obituaries and weather forecasts. Since then, Heidi has worked in a variety of marketing, communications, and operations related positions for software development and engineering firms. At SpatialDev, she helps run day-to-day operations and wears many hats in any given week, including a financials fedora, HR hard hat, facilities fez, proposal party hat, contracts coonskin cap, and travel agent top hat. Her passion has been serving as a calm influence in deadline-driven environments.

Outside the office, Heidi enjoys hanging with her pack, tending to her garden, and watching awesomely bad reality TV shows. She hopes to one day live on a big ranch so she can finally foster a whole bunch of old pups needing homes.