Get to know our team and what makes us tick.


Todd Slind

Todd has always liked to grow and build. From his youthful experience in Skagit Valley agriculture to his early career in Civil Engineering to his leading and growing IT consulting businesses, it’s been a mix of hard work, nurturing teams, and innovating with clients. Todd uses his more than 20 years of experience to provide strategy for clients and project teams. He also works to evolve and grow SpatialDev, and seize new opportunities to do great stuff.

Todd is passionate that what SpatialDev does is sustainable and provides lasting value. “We continue to beat the odds on technology project successes,” he said, “But it really hinges on how well we partner with our clients and transfer our knowledge and capabilities to those who will maintain things once we’ve gone. We really owe it to the great collaborators we’ve been lucky to work with: from Kathmandu to Ouagadougou.”

When he's not drawing boxes and lines on a whiteboard or blowing minds with his creative spreadsheet formulas, you can find Todd zipping around the Puget Sound on his sailboat or shredding the Cascades on his Lib-Tech.

Chief Data Scientist

Grant McKenzie, PhD

Grant is a self-proclaimed data nerd. Much of his work focuses on applying novel data mining and machine learning techniques to large spatio-temporal datasets. Be it petabytes of mobile phone records or streams of social media content, Grant thrives on extracting meaning from patterns and signatures in data. As a founding member of SpatialDev and with a PhD in Geoinformatics, Grant contributes to the team in a variety of ways, from project management and database design to knowledge representation and hands-on development.

In his spare time, Grant enjoys racing any human-powered water craft he can get his hands on (surfskis, outrigger canoes, kayaks) and playing the guitar. Recently he has been attempting to grow hops in a Mediterranean climate... with limited success.


Clint Cabanero

Clint specializes in delivering mobile applications that target multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and Web). His interests lie at the intersection of custom mobile user interface design, spatial data visualization, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing. Clint’s favorite aspect of working with clients is the creative process involved in helping them discover their app concepts and transforming them into physical objects they can touch and experience on their devices.

Outside of SpatialDev, Clint often can be found camping (glamping) with his family at their favorite spots throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Creative Director

Naomi Menahem

Naomi simplifies things. She takes technical GIS jargon and functionality and turns it into intuitive, visual, user-friendly experiences. Her primary focus is to understand client needs and find ways to help them achieve measurable results and improve their ROI.

Naomi has worked as an art director and interactive creative director for agencies in Paris and Seattle. Her work has been featured in Cannes Lions, The Seattle Ad Show, Communications Arts and GDUSA. She graduated from the Sorbonne University in Art History and later from the Ecole MJM of Design, Paris.

When Naomi’s not connecting with clients, you'll find her hanging out with her husband and two girls or gallery hopping to check out the latest and greatest in the art and design world.


Rene Rodriguez

Rene is a developer who focuses on web application development at SpatialDev. He works on responsive web and keeps applications looking great on both mobile and desktop layouts. Before joining SpatialDev, Rene worked as a GIS specialist where he created print maps and crunched impact analysis for transportation projects. He was the key GIS analyst for a multi-billion bridge project (SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program).

When he’s not working, Rene is cycling around Seattle, spending time with his new baby boy, and planning his next trip abroad.


Rich Gwozdz

Rich is a fullstack web engineer who gives special attention to the server-tier. His work includes data APIs, security and permission patterns, identity management, unit and integration testing, DevOps and IT automation, and database development. His experience also includes many years developing the browser tier, specializing in applications that are rich in data, visualizations, and spatial technologies. He enjoys working with MVC and MVVM frameworks as a means of developing clean, maintainable, and extendable code. His server-side tools include Node.js/Express.js, PostGres/PostGIS, SQLite, Ansible, Bash, and AWS, as well as PHP, Python, .NET, and Java. For web-client development, he leverages vanilla JavaScript, AngularJS, BackboneJs, D3, Sass, Less, and Bootstrap.


Shawna Paradee

Shawna has nearly 15 years of experience as a full stack developer architecting spatial systems and software solutions for a wide variety of clients. Whether it’s data, databases, APIs, server or client side code, Shawna loves to utilize every aspect of a system to leverage the individual strengths of each component in creating innovative and customized business solutions. There is no data she cannot tame, no database she does not know, and no technology she cannot leverage for the benefit of our clients.

A computer and keyboard aren’t the only tools in Shawna’s toolbox; she’s also very familiar with Skillsaws and nail guns. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her home in Olympia, WA– whether that be building a chicken coop or garden shed, or remodeling a bathroom. When not playing Bob the Builder, she enjoys family time with her husband and two children.

Developer, GIS Analyst

Phoebe Merritt

An experienced GIS analyst and a budding web developer, Phoebe is trekking new territory through SpatialDev’s technology stack. Whether it’s PostgreSQL database management, Angular front end development, or QGIS geospatial analysis, Phoebe has an arsenal of skills to contribute. Her interest in data visualization and academic research surrounding OpenStreetMap crowdsourced mapping further inspires her curiosity in the open source community.

When Phoebe isn’t absorbing new web development skills, she is probably running the streets of Seattle in the (most likely) rain or (sometimes) shine, and ordering “the usual” at her favorite quirky Fremont neighborhood spots.


Nick Hallahan

Nick enjoys developing mapping software, particularly of the open source variety. He came from Oregon State University with a graduate degree in GIS, and his background in web development made him a great fit for SpatialDev. As he continues to grow, his emphasis has shifted to mobile development, with a passion for map renderers and contributing to the OpenStreetMap ecosystem.

Nick works remotely from sunny Sacramento, and when he's not writing code in his outside office, he's probably expanding his garden in the back lot or playing with his dog Pixel.


Adam Roberts

Logging in from the French Alps, Adam takes the ‘ remote’ in ‘ remote working’ quite literally. Adam is a multi-faceted developer who revels in the entire stack, from writing unit tests for his Node.js APIs, to writing D3 Angular directives for client-side data visualization. Adam also excels in teaching and presenting technical topics - he founded Maptime-Alpes, the Alpine chapter of Maptime!, and organizes with the Missing Maps Project, to get local folks mapping the most vulnerable places in the developing world.

Adam spends most his free-time in either skis or hiking boots, trying to expose his two boys to as much of the Alps as he can. He also loves visiting the villages and countryside in his region, and has heard, on many family outings, “Not another castle, dad!”.


Daniel Baah

The ever evolving D-Baah has given up databases as his first love, and is now infatuated with Angular front ends, Node APIs, and open source libraries. He started with SpatialDev after earning his CS degree in 2015, and has quickly grown from a back end specialist to a full stack dev. D-Baah can be counted on to jump into the deep end of the pool, problem solving and coding til his feet can touch the bottom.

Finally fulfilling his dream of seeing LeBron in person in 2015, D-Baah is now fixing his sights on Kanye. He’s already standing in line for tickets to Kanye’s Life of Pablo world tour. When not coding or watching Drake videos in slo-mo, you’ll find DBaah on the courts of the Puget Sound Basketball League, where his TreeHawks team has an impressive championship record. And BTW, don’t ever mention the end of Superbowl XLIX. He’s scarred for life.

GIS Analyst

Anna Nakae

After a short stint in Montana working on a trail crew for the U.S. Forest Service, Anna hung up her boots and chainsaw to rejoin the SpatialDev team. She’s diving head first back into the world of spatial, bringing her love of meaningful spatial analysis and beautiful cartography to her work. While she has a deep seeded passion for environmental GIS, what she enjoys most is steering spatial data through the entire lifecycle – from collection to analysis to mapping. Hoping to expand how she’s able to work with geospatial data, Anna is currently beefing up her database skills, and is slowly dipping her toes into web development.

Beyond all things GIS, Anna loves exploring the outdoors through backpacking, climbing, and skiing. She dreams of the day when she has a dog to go exploring with her!

Director of Operations & Delivery

Kim Kearns

Kim brings more than 15 years’ experience working with geospatial technology to the team. She has worked on and with diverse technology and management teams implementing geospatial solutions for local, national, and international organizations. Her roots are in proprietary geospatial technology, but her latest endeavors have been working with the open source community. Over the years, Kim has supported different types of initiatives ranging from strategic support for international clients to managing contract and business management processesto project implementation of enterprise, mobile, and web-based solutions. Throughout her career, Kim has focused on working to create order in an often busy and chaotic environment.

As a new transplant to the Pacific Northwest, Kim can be found checking out thelocal coffee roasters, chucking the ball for her border collie, exploring the various playgrounds that Seattle has to offer with her family, or traveling to her native land of BC or beyond. Eh?

Strategic Advisor

Jubal Harpster

Whether it's developing spatial technology, traveling the world or racing bikes, Jubal thrives on the leading edge. He's been working with spatial information and related technologies for more than 25 years. Jubal co-founded SpatialDev in 2009 to do things smarter and faster ... and he’s never looked back.

"I thrive on really big challenges," said Jubal. “I’ve been developing this technology for a long time so I’ve learned to ignore trends and stick with approaches that work. We made the switch to developing with Open Source about four years ago, and that’s been great. Fortunately the team we have is so talented they make everything seem easy.”

When he’s not working or traveling, you can find Jubal in Ballard with his two daughters. You may also spot him riding bikes – and occasionally unicorns – around the Northwest, or sometimes just working on his motorcycle and waiting for the streets to dry out in Seattle.

Strategic Advisor

Heidi Johnson

Heidi’s career began two decades ago as a newspaper journalist covering the crime beat, having been promoted from writing the obituaries and weather forecasts. Since then, Heidi has worked in a variety of marketing, communications, and operations related positions for software development and engineering firms. At SpatialDev, she helps run day-to-day operations and wears many hats in any given week, including a financials fedora, HR hard hat, facilities fez, proposal party hat, contracts coonskin cap, and travel agent top hat. Her passion has been serving as a calm influence in deadline-driven environments.

Outside the office, Heidi enjoys hanging with her pack, tending to her garden, and watching awesomely bad reality TV shows. She hopes to one day live on a big ranch so she can finally foster a whole bunch of old pups needing homes.